Dukes Pub feature a great menu of appetizers and entrees, a great variety of beer on tap, showcase major and local sporting events, feature live bands and music events and cater to all sorts community fundraisers. Come in and enjoy!


Mayhem Monday

Bottle of Kokanee $4.50

Vodka Slime $3.75

Pornstar Shooter $3.50

All Burgers in Menu $8.95 *From 5pm-9pm*

Twisted Tuesday

Bottle of Sleeman Original $4.00

Long Island 1oz $4.75 / 2oz $7.00

China White Shooter $3.50

Twoonie Burgers $2.00 *After 3pm*

(A full size classic burger with onions,tomato,lettuce and mayo.  All add-ons and sides are extra)

Wingin it Wednesday

Pint of Honey Brown 16oz $4.70

Paralyzer $3.75

Raindrop Shooter $3.50

Fish & Chips $8.95 *All Day*

Wings or Prawns $5.50 *After 5pm*

Thirsty Thursday

Hi-Balls Single $3.50 / Double $7.00

Vodka Seabreeze $4.00

Skittle Shooter $3.50

Spaghetti & Steak Dinner $16.00 *After 5pm*

Spaghetti Dinner $11.00 *After 5pm* 


Flirty Friday

Bottle of Corona $4.75

Margarita 1oz $4.50 / 2oz $7.50

Burt Reynolds Shooter $3.50

Cuervo $3.50

Steak & Potato w/Torpedo Prawns $16.00 *All Day*

Sinful Saturday

Bottle of Dos Equis $5.25

Hi-Ball Mini Jug 3oz $10.50

King Kong Shooter $3.50

Chef's Appy Special $6.00 *All Day**Different Every Week*

Sunday Funday

Bucket of Buds $15.00

Caesar 1oz $4.75 / 2oz $7.50

Dr. Pepper Shooter $3.50

Steak & Prawns $15.00 *All Day*




 Every weekend we have a new special!!